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Unnoticed. Undiscovered. Enhanced.

Unnoticed. Undiscovered. Enhanced. is my final collection during university. It is inspired by rural and urban surroundings, looking at the small details we miss while on journeys. As technology changes and Autonomous vehicles are not far from us, I chose to work with the concept of bringing the unnoticed details inside the interior of the car.

The final collection brings bold patterns and colours to interiors, using strong materials such as cotton and polypropylene to create hard-wearing fabrics. The pieces were created on a digital dobby loom. Using two layers produces a quilted effect which was hand stuffed on the loom to compliment the woven designs.

As I develop my freelance practice I aim to continue growing on and working to develop these padded fabrics to create even more innovate designs. Several of these pieces have since been given a new life in handwoven products to sell.

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