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Super Large Cushion - Electric

This custom cushion was commissioned from a smaller cushion I had previously created. Using a design from the 'Electric Collection' I hand-dyed a special cotton warp as close in colour to the original cushion. The cloth is woven in cotton and polypropylene fading the colours together through the weave of the cloth. This is the largest size cushion I can create on my loom, at approximately 60 x 60 cm. Complete with a duck feather insert. 

Super Large Cushion - Custom Design

This cushion was specially made to compliment a piece of furniture in a customers home. Using an inspiration photo I designed several motifs and yarn combinations to create the final design for the customer. I hand-dyed a blue cotton warp which was then woven with cotton, silks and viscose to give a beautiful shine. This is the largest cushion size I can create on the loom, at approximately 60 x 60cm. Complete with a duck feather insert.