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Automotive Inversion

Automotive Inversion is the first collection strongly based around Automotive Interiors. Inspiration was taken from the exteriors of British Touring Cars, focusing on the patterns and shapes to create handwoven textiles for the interiors of cars; taking the outside inside.

This is the first collection where polypropylene yarns in bold colours are used to add colour inside interiors. Similarly, to the Unnoticed. Undiscovered. Enhanced. collection this was created on a dip dyed cotton warp allowing subtle colour changes reflecting the speed and movement to add another quality to the fabrics.

I also experimented with stitch within this collection, adhering some of the samples to foam where stitch created a quilted effect which is popular in many high-end car interiors. As you can see from the Unnoticed. Undiscovered. Enhanced. collection this has developed to become a part of the woven process on the loom.

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