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Concealed Elegance

Concealed Elegance is an Interior Collection inspired by Masquerade, details specifically from masks and elegance are the highlight of this collection creating a series of luxury fabrics.

To enhance the inspiration behind this collection yarns such as Lurex, Silks and Viscose are used to give a luxurious finish. The simple but effective designs are created on a digital dobby loom. This was the first project where a digital loom was used, therefore I wanted to create patterns not achievable on a smaller hand loom. The designs really focused on the curves and swirls commonly found in masquerade.

Although this is a project designed for Interiors I think the variety of yarns allow these fabrics versatility across fashion and accessory markets. Looking forward from this collection the more luxurious yarns and variety of patterns is something I want to continue to explore in future collections within my development of my small creative business.

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