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Handwoven and hand-dyed luxury lambswool scarf. Handwoven light crepe design woven on a 24 shaft loom to create a bespoke one off pattern. This scarf blends tones of blue, white and orange together to create a vibrant combination. This scarf would also be perfect as a table runner due to it's short length!


Every scarf is made from handwoven fabric designed on a hand dip-dyed warp; blends of colour subtly come through as the warp is carefully woven. This process allows every item to be completely unique, making each piece a luxury special edition.


Approx 29cm x 90cm (including tassels) in length. Handwoven fabric materials: Lambswool


A scarf can make a beautiful addition to any outfit, perfect to add a bit of colour as well as feeling cosy and warm. Ideal for a gift to yourself or someone special!

Handwoven Mini Lambswool Scarf - Fire Blend

  • To keep your woven products looking fresh give a hand wash in warm soapy water and rinse well, before shaping and laying to dry out of direct sunlight. Please be extra careful with lambswool as this can shrink under too hot water!

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