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Handwoven and handmade eye mask made with bespoke handwoven fabric. The handwoven design in this eye mask is part of a Poppy collection designed to replicate the Royal British Legion Poppy. The 2 tones of red work together to give a striking Poppy pattern across the mask.


This product is made on a luxury Lambswool warp, allowing the large design and a soft warm fabric to be created once off the loom.


Approx 18 x 8cm at widest point. (Elastic Approx 32cm when not stretched). Handwoven Fabric Materials: Lambswool


Every eye mask is made with a fine wadding which is backed with a luxury velvet fabric saved from industry surplus waste, to block out the light and give comfort over the eyes. Perfect for bright summer mornings, cold winter nights or a long-haul flight!

Handwoven Eye Mask - Poppy

  • To keep your woven products looking fresh give a hand wash in warm soapy water and rinse well, before shaping and laying to dry out of direct sunlight.

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