Handwoven and handmade small flat pouch created with one of a kind handwoven fabric. The handwoven design in this pouch is part of the ‘Whimsical Wings’ collection using influence from the smallest creatures such as Bees, Butterflies and Lady Birds. The soft blend of pastel pinks work in unison with the pastel purples to create this little pouch.


Every product is made from handwoven fabric created on a hand dip-dyed warp; blends of colour subtly come through as the warp is woven. The process allows every item created to have a unique finish, making every product a luxury special edition.


Approx 15.5cm x 12cm. Zip opens to 13.5cm. Handwoven Fabric Materials: Cotton.


This handcrafted pouch has a coordinating suedette back, giving one side a simple plain finish whilst showing off the handwoven pattern on the other. A coordinating soft cotton fabric is used for the lining of the pouch making it easily washable while giving protection to your valuables.


The next size up from the coin purse, it’s the perfect small pouch to keep all your loose items in your bag together to stop them burying themselves to the bottom of your bag. The ideal size to keep your sanitary products in style while keeping them discrete!

Handwoven Small Pouch - Purple Buddleia

  • To keep your woven products looking fresh give a hand wash in warm soapy water and rinse well, before shaping and laying to dry out of direct sunlight.