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Every glasses case is handwoven and handmade with bespoke fabric. The handwoven pattern in this Glasses Case is part of a tartan collection exploring the setup processes to create different twill patterns on the 8 shaft loom, using a limited number of colours. This case brings lilac and orange together to create a simple tartan based fabric.


This pattern is created on a luxury lambswool warp, woven in stripes of colour and pattern crossing over to create tartan.


Approx 8.5 x 19cm including squeeze open top, 16.5cm not including fastening. Opens to approx 8cm, will fit all standard size glasses and sunglasses. Handwoven fabric materials: Lambswool


This glasses case is handmade with a soft velvet back rescued from industry waste to complement the handwoven fabric, then lined with soft cotton to keep your glasses or sunglasses safe and scratch free. Easy squeeze open/close function holds your glasses safely in the case while making it simple to open. Give your glasses a bit of extra love with a one-of-a-kind case! Perfect gift for any stylish glasses wearer!

Handwoven Glasses Case - Lavender Tartan 2

£22.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
  • To keep your woven products looking fresh give a hand wash in warm soapy water and rinse well, before shaping and laying to dry out of direct sunlight.

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