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Set of 4 handwoven and handmade chunky buttons crafted from bespoke handwoven fabric. The handwoven design in this set of crafted buttons is part of the ‘Whimsical Wings’ collection inspired by the smallest creatures such as bees, butterflies and lady birds. This fabric contrasts cerise pink against the hand-dyed blends of yellows bringing out the bug shapes.


Every product is made from handwoven fabric created on a hand dip-dyed warp; blends of colour subtly come through as the warp is woven. This process allows every item created to be completely unique making every product a luxury special edition.


Approximately 30mm in diameter & 5mm deep, chunky metal buttons each with a single metal loop back. Handwoven Fabric Materials: Cotton.


Buttons are a perfect addition to add a personal splash of colour or pattern. Ideal addition to a plain cardi, give a new life to an old jacket or add some style to a bag or cushion. The options are endless!

Handwoven Chunky Buttons - Cerise Bug

£6.50 Regular Price
£3.25Sale Price
  • To keep your woven products looking fresh give a hand wash in warm soapy water and rinse well, before shaping and laying to dry out of direct sunlight. If buttons are attached to another personal item please consider the temperature it's washed at to lengthen the life of the handwoven fabric.

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