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Handwoven and handmade art piece made to experiment with arrows and finishing yarn ends to reduce waste. This artwork can be hung any direction to allow choice in arrow direction. This piece is hand stretched over canvas to create a bespoke art piece which brings out the patterns and colours of the design. Combinations of pinks, blue and yellows come together in this piece contrasting against black to create a pastel artwork.


Every art piece is made from handwoven fabric designed on a hand dip-dyed warp; blends of colour subtly come through as the warp is carefully woven. This process allows every item to be completely unique, making each piece a luxury special edition. 


Approx 40cm x 30cm. No hanging attachments to allow your choice of hung direction. Handwoven fabric materials: Cotton, Polypropylene, 


An art piece can make a beautiful addition to a room to add a bit of colour or pattern to a plain wall or amongst other pieces of art. Perfect for a gift or special present to yourself to add life to your room!

Handwoven Art - This way That way

£50.00 Regular Price
£20.00Sale Price
  • To keep your woven artwork looking as good as possible keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. Wipe clean only if necessary. 

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