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Bespoke handwoven and handmade across the body bag with one of a kind handwoven fabric. Approx 21cm x 14cm. Includes an adjustable and removable strap: Shortest length 75cm, Longest length 145cm.  Zip fastening: Opens to approx 11cm.


Woven on a plain cotton warp this fabric is densely woven with funky unique yarns, no two pieces are the same! Hand designed during the Covid-19 lockdown to bring much needed colour and texture, woven on a 8 shaft loom with cottons, silks, viscose, wools and mixed yarns. The handwoven fabric is backed to a strong wadding to hold the shape of the bag and give added protection for your valuable items like your phone and purse. The bag is complemented with a soft quilted suedette on the reverse and fully lined with 100% cotton fabric. Perfect accessory bag to keep all your little items together for a day out or special occasion!

Handwoven Across the Body Bag - Stone Wash

  • To keep your woven products looking fresh give a wipe over with a damp cloth and mould into shape before laying to dry out of direct sunlight. Advised not to be washed in the washing machine due to the nature of the materials.

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